Our mission

Bombyx’ mission is to link social, authentic & artisanal workshops in the South to conscious fashion and home deco brands or retailers by providing them – custom made -  exclusive quality products.


Our beliefs 

There are two different ways to make beautiful natural silk. The conventional way is to breed silkworms (Bombyx mori) in large quantities, wait shortly until they have made their cocoon and then boil rapidly to harvest the silk. The other way is to wait patiently until the silkworm has turned into a beautiful butterfly, let it fly and then use the silk cocoon that is left….This type of sustainable silk production is small-scale and was called ‘peace silk' by Ghandi himself. The current fashion industry is too much based on this first principle where people and the environment are not respected … Bombyx offers an alternative

The world is changing, consumers become more conscious, the demand for quality and values is increasing. There is no way around it. Bombyx is here to help brands be one step ahead, seize this opportunity and make long-term profits.


Our roots

Bombyx was founded by our sister organization Solid to realize the commercial aspects: sales, sampling and logistics.

Solid co-found & co-manage workshops in collaboration with local ngo's.



Our workshops


Our workshops can be classified by the different phases of development they are in. We chose to use the evolution of our beloved Bombyx (silk moth) as inspiration for these categories:  




Start-up phase


Optimizing phase


Growth phase



Workshop Manta 

PERU – Ayacucho (Andes)

Peru bombyx.jpg


Manta offers quality crochet, hand knitting, handloom knitting ( fine & chunky knits) and embroidery skills.


Manta produces a wide variety of products – all made to order – being headwear, mittens, scarves, sweaters, plaids, poncho’s, gadgets, decoration objects, …


Manta cooperates with the best yarn providers in Peru who offer a wide variety of qualities and shades, guaranteeing international standards.  Next to alpaca, the most luxurious and finest fiber of Peru, Manta has access to high quality Cotton, Tensel, Silk and Highland sheep yarn.



Manta started in 2011 with 9 knitting ladies producing 60 beanies for a Belgian client; in 2015 Manta exported more than 30.000 made to order knits, employing 200 knitting ladies and servicing different clients all over the globe.



Manta employs poor woman coming from the suburbs of Ayacucho providing them fair wages, decent working conditions and a rich and active social network.

All profits generated by Manta are used to finance Manta’s sister organisation DIA supporting and empower teenagers and teenagemothers in vulnerable situations in the city of Ayacucho.



Workshop Paces 

 INDIA – Jharkhand



In September 2015 Bombyx realised a feasibility study to start a new workshop in India.  Which local crafts are available? Which materials and at which conditions? How to organise the supply chain? How to set up the manufacturing unit? Etc...



After 6 months of research we decided Paces will offer crochet & hand knitting and weaving. Local people are being trained by masterweavers and masterknitters. The first samples were made in cooperation with our very first clients. Paces will be using high quality materials like organic cotton, peace silk, 100% merino wool, cashmere and pashmina blends. Suppliers are being tested on compliance and service.




Paces produces a wide variety of products – all made to order – being headwear, mittens, scarves, sweaters, plaids, poncho’s, gadgets, decoration objects, …

Paces will also produce woven and blockprinted fabrics: scarves, plaids, table wear, other confection purposes.



For this project Bombyx joined forces with the remarcable Sister Jeanne De Vos,  who managed to organise millions of domestic workers in order to fight for their rights.  This movement offers protection and relief for children who have become victims of slavery and abuse. All profits created by the workshop will be invested in Sister Jeanne social initiative.

 With Paces we aim to provide sustainable employment for local weaving villages and poor women living in the city of Ranchi. 


Nothing is impossible if only we do it together.
— Jeanne Devos

Bombyx as Booster

In our business we have met impressive people and organisations who are aiming to achieve our mutual goal => providing quality products and service, while employing underprivileged people and generating income for social activities. 

Bombyx commits itself to boost their commercial strategy by promoting and distributing their products. 

We have been boosting the following organisations worldwide:



Other boosting potencials are being explored: 


Our dream

A world where ngo’s create fair employment to self-sustain their activities meanwhile filling closets and living rooms with beautiful stories.

Bombyx in the press

Consumenten kennen de échte kost van kleding niet

Lyn Verelst, algemeen manager bij Solid International en Bombyx sprak met Weekend Knack over eerlijke mode en hoe wij merken helpen om eerlijk te produceren.  

Weekend Knack

De belangrijke rol van vrouwen in de opmars van duurzame mode.


Weekend Knack